Crash Bar Installation for Suzuki Marauder 2001

About a month ago I decided I needed to install a Crash Bar on my Marauder after spilling it on a gravel drive and trapping my ankle.

I looked around the 'net and checked with the MIG and SOC-USA mailing lists. The Renegade bars got some pretty high comments as well as the Grand Canyon bars. Comments about the Suzuki aftermarket bars indicated they weren't as strong as the two mentioned.

 I looked around and the best price was the Grand Canyon bars available from Waynesville Cycles down in Waynesville N.C. not very far from Cherokee.

 So I called and ordered a set on a Friday. They arrived on Tuesday of the next week.

 The instructions were pretty poor but I compared them with the bike and figured where the connections had to be made. Ater I started to work on it I realized that one of the bolts provided with the kit was not the right one. It appeared to be SAE instead of Metric. Not hard to figure since it wouldn't thread into the frame holer!

 I called and talked to one of their people named Cris. I explained the problem and he went out to the shop and got one of the bolts from another kit. His bolt had '3S 8.8" on the head. I told him I'd check when I got home.

 After checking and not finding the same on my bolt, I called back, told him and he said he would ship me a new bolt. It arrived on Thursday.
They have Great customer relations!! I couldn't get to the installation until Friday.

 After getting the correct bolt, it took me only about 20 minutes to install the bar. I would recommend tying off the bike because one of the bolts holding the kickstand had to be removed and you wouldn't want the bike to fall over.

 As you can see, the installation looks good. The bars measure 32" wide and 17" high, plenty of coverage beyond the 'pegs' for protection. A great value for $140. You can also get highway pegs as an aftermarket item for the bar, or get the Deluxe with the pegs in the kit.

Here is a front on view.


And a real close can tell they stick out plenty far to protect ankles and legs. Total is 32 inches wide by 17 inches high.

The upper right mount connects to the frame itself
with a supplied 10x50 bolt.

You can see by the closeup of the right hand upper
mount (looking from the front) that the mount on
the bar attaches at the top of the radiator via another
bracket that is supplied. This is NOT very clear when looking at the included instructions.

The lower mounts to the kickstand bracket. Make sure you support the bike before removing this bolt.

This last shot shows the connection of the lower right
side support bar to the footpeg bracket.

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