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The First Two Chapters of "Retreat"


Reviewed by S. Loper-Herzog

 "Retreat" is Ronald M. Schunk's first published mystery. It features Sam Basro as deputy constable in the small town of Retreat, Kentucky. The small town borders the Ohio River, minutes from both Ohio and Indiana.

 That Mr. Schunk is a retired police officer becomes obvious as he leads you through correct police procedure, as well as insights into the mind of law enforcement officers during official duty. Retreat has been invaded by drugs. Sam has been targeted by unknown pursuers. A local power plant employee is investigating "missing" electricity. Then there is a kidnapping, of Sam's wife. Sam must use all of his years of experience to put the pieces together to stop the drug trade, and to save his wife.

 "Retreat" takes the reader on an exciting ride into small town crime, providing real life obstacles and issues. You can picture Retreat, with its cast of small town people, and their roles.

 This is a great debut. We hope to see more of Deputy Constable Sam Basro from Ronald Schunk.

Dennis Latham (, freelance writer and editor, November 25, 2002,
An Excellent First Novel. When most people think of cops in small towns, they still might think of Barney Fife from Mayberry. Retreat dispels that myth. I love novels that start with action. From page one the action is fast and furious after someone tries to kill police officer Sam Basro during an ambush.
The characters, both good and bad, seem like real people. That's what impressed me most about the novel. I thought of them as real people. This is rare anymore in fiction. Retreat is great escape fiction. What I call an airport novel because you get caught up in the story and can read it in one sitting.
An excellent first novel.

  A Kentucky Game Warden:

IT WAS A GREAT BOOK..........I love the twist you put in with the kidnapping... Very well written.
It could really happen, "down here"

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Sam Basro, a retired police officer, volunteers as Deputy Constable for a four-man police department in the Ohio/ Indiana border town of Retreat, Kentucky.

One night, while on routine patrol, Sam attempts to pull over a white Camaro that runs a stop sign. The out-of-state driver leads Sam on a harrowing car chase that ends on a dead end road near the Ohio River. When Sam prepares to issue a ticket to the law-breaking violator, he is met with gunfire from two attackers - one wielding a handgun, the other, a shotgun. Sam protects himself with a fifteen-round Smith & Wesson, and calls for back-up.

By the time three squad cars arrive, the two men have disappeared, only to begin another chase in a getaway car. The two perpetrators are not apprehended and Sam is faced with the knowledge that he had been set-up to be murdered.

Months before, Sam and another officer arrested twenty-six drug abusers. Two snitched on distributors, but the main drug supplier was not revealed. Sam feels his life and maybe his wife's may be in danger from retribution for the arrests.   >From evidence found at the scene and a tip from a local power company supervisor, Sam begins an intensive investigation that leads to his wife, Carolyn, being kidnapped. Sam concentrates all his efforts to identify and locate a local marijuana manufacturer, and to find Carolyn... alive or dead.

Author, Ronald M. Schunk, a retired police officer, uses his police background to write an action-packed tale filled with investigative intrigue. Police procedures are descriptive and characters real-to-life in situations that could be occurring right now, today.

Much dialogue is police oriented, while some is like that of numbskull felons. Impressive use of police skills and techniques makes RETREAT an excellent first novel for Mr. Schunk.

The only drawbacks are minor author intrusion and POV switching, which to a reader only, would probably not be obtrusive. On occasion, characters are not expressly identified, causing a tad bit of confusion when using pro nouns instead of character names. To me, for a first novel, these are minor nuances that do not overly distract from the overall quality of the fiction story.

I highly recommend RETREAT to those persons looking for police action, intriguing suspense and great investigative work condensed in an interesting novel.

Patricia Spork, Reviewer
eBook Reviews Weekly


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